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AdTokenz is more than just a Paid to Click! We offer very low cost advertising that is effective as well. Receive numerous discounts and promotions, and we have many ways for you to earn money for free!

Every member can earn free tokens every day or every few hours by interacting with Token Ads. Another fast way to earn more tokens is by purchasing our PTC Ads. For each $1 you will receive 100 visitors and earn 2400 tokens that will deliver $1.20 worth of ads.

Full automation of earnings and the number of ads are run by "The Golden Ratio" and based on your available tokens. Our algorithm calculates from daily sales and your available tokens by The Golden Ratio. You can unlock the level of your tokens without any limit.

That means the number of tokens you have will determine the value of ads you get. The higher the number of your available tokens, the higher the value of your ads too.