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Cynthia Sleeper

Published by: Cynthia Sleeper on 30-Jan-20
So frustrating

I don't know about you but for me this is been so stressful I don't know what to do next kind of thing I do it they tell me to do and then the next turn they're telling me to do something totally different from what I was doing it's like make up your mind you know we need to step by step no extras in it you know we do this this and that to get the end result not to put a little commentary in there on top of whatever is in miss somebody else and start talking about something else It's not as straightforward as they claim to say it is I'm just very frustrated I'm trying so hard I'm a disabled mother I have an 8 year-old get into force after 23 years from an abusive man who taken every time away for me and I'm getting no help from anybody and I have nothing and I'm just trying to make a living why does it have to be so confusing on top of it alright have enough stress